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Goose down - material

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Better for you

  • One of the best insulating material in the world, down is the probably the oldest material for sleeping items
  • It brings a delicate to your comfort
  • High quality down has a loose structure, with thousands of threads which captures the air inside, fact that makes it such a good insulating material. În fact, down doesn't warm up, but maintain body temperature consistent. Its thermal properties come from the air trapped within the threads
  • The more volume, the better quality down is
  • Before use, down is selected carefully and goes through many technical processes: sorting, washing, sanitation and Teflon finishing


  • Always use products with cover
  • Covers should be washed weekly (pillow and duvet covers)
  • When washing or drying pillows or down duvets, place one or two tennis balls in the tank to help fluff the down
  • We recommend airing products daily
  • After washing, make sure the products are completely dry before using them

Benefits of goose down

  • You never overheat under a goose down duvet, but maintain constant body temperature
  • Light, warm, fluffy
  • Ventilates well
  • Goose down maintains loft for far longer than synthetic materials if used properly

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